Crandall Canyon Mine, Utah


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Differential Interferometric SAR for Geology Applications

Crandall Canyon Mine Collapse

Neva Ridge performed processing and analysis for the Mine Safety and Health Administration. Differential Interferometric SAR (DifSAR) results for the vicinity of the Crandall Canyon Mine collapse contributed to the MSHA analyses and conclusions documented in their investigation report. The collapse occurred near Huntington Utah in August 2007. As detailed in the report, the DifSAR results confirm point GPS measurements of the subsidence magnitude and provide considerable additional information on the lateral extent of the collapse zone. The results also serve to localize the ground motion in time. The figure shows a representation of the ground motion results in which the vertical surface displacements are projected onto a Google Earth (TM) image. Subsidence contours are shown in centimeters. The data show an affected surface area of nearly one square mile and a maximum subsidence of 30 cm. The MSHA report can be found here.

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